How to: create Promoted Links app in C# (SharePoint 2013)

Creating most types of lists (or apps in SharePoint 2013 terminology) in C# code is pretty straightforward. You just need to choose the correct list type from the built-in enum Microsoft.Sharepoint.SPListTemplateType. Then, you can create list by invoking appropriate Add() method on a SPListCollection, like in the first example:

PKD 2007: pobierz w formacie CSV

Polska Klasyfikacja Działalności (w skrócie PKD, lub PKD 2007) to jedna z klasyfikacji gospodarczych używanych w instytucjach państwowych i przedsiębiorstwach.

Aktualnie najnowszą wersją klasyfikacji jest utworzona kilka lat temu PKD 2007. Główny Urząd Statystyczny udostępnia dane w postaci plików Word oraz programu pozwalającego przeszukiwać bazę. Dostępnych jest też wiele wyszukiwarek online pozwalających wyszukiwać poszczególne kategorie na podstawie kodu lub nazwy działalności. Jeśli jednak potrzebujesz bazy w formacie łatwym do zaimportowania do bazy danych lub przetwarzania przez programy komputerowe, poniżej znajdziesz przygotowany plik CSV zawierający wszystkie kategorie.

Pobierz plik pkd-2007-v1.0-headers.csv

Plik można otworzyć w programie Excel, Google Docs, LibreOffice Calc lub zaimportować do relacyjnej bazy danych jak Microsoft SQL Server.

Integration of WordPress and OpenPGP for a better security: case study


This article focuses on the possibility of bringing selected OpenPGP features into WordPress to improve system’s overall security with use of public key cryptography. It weighs benefits and problems of such integration. The article also contains overview of notification emails security in the current version of WordPress. You might find it useful if you are a WordPress developer or user who is interested in security.

The article assumes basic understanding of assymetric cryptography and the role of private and public keys.

Security of WordPress

The core of WordPress CMS might contain security flaws, as any other computer system, but once they are recognized they are fixed in the blink of an eye and patches are available soon for users.

Many more security problems may result from user’s mistakes and lacks in knowledge about computer security. Common problems can be detected and solved by plugins such as iThemes Security. Even after that, passwords might be sent in clear text unless you configure TLS for the server. I recommend to use HTTPS at least for the admin panel, but that’s another story.

After you’ve configured all those basic means of security and want to further minimize the risk of the leak of potentially confidential information, you might want to check some cryptography methods to secure the data. But is this worth the attention and can it really improve security in some aspects?

SharePoint: timer jobs and history and status

History in SharePoint jobs

Timer jobs are a convenient way to perform background tasks in SharePoint. This article organize some facts about the history of the timer jobs. The following facts are true for SharePoint 2010, but most of them should be valid for other versions of SharePoint.

History of a timer job is a collection of entries that contain the information about:

  • Job’s name
  • Job’s start time
  • Job’s end time
  • Job’s result (status code)
  • Some UUID’s to identify server, web application, job, service etc.

Those information allow us to see some abnormalities in the duration or status of the job should they occur one day.